With the end of 2014 beckoning the Buckingham Camera Club held its annual Christmas Dinner Fish’n’Chip Supper in the Village Hall and the trophies were awarded for the competitions held during the year. Tonight was the final confirmation that I was indeed winner of the Photographer of the Year award on the third attempt – and by 30 points to boot, not sure how I pulled that lead out considering I trailed by a considerable distance for the first few rounds of the competition. I also scooped three of the four category awards, and the Best Use of Colour trophy as well. On top of my success Linda was crowned the winner in the best newcomer award. Just to cap a good year my “Underground Mini” shot was chosen by the members for the front cover of the club programme – the second year in a row I’ve held that honour too. I’m almost blushing!


The Club has invested in a new trophy for the POTY award this year. A rather smart new shield with all the previous winners are engraved on the back, and room for the next 8 years worth of winners on the front.

The previous two winners haven’t entered the following years competition to defend the title, and I have been pondering whether to defend the title myself over the past weeks…but I’ve decided that I will. It would be nice to defend the title – something done by only one other member in the history of the Club, and to take part so others can knock me off the perch, and there are definitely many people who have the ability to do so in the Club. Linda also wants a stab at the full year’s competition, having done so well just entering digital images this year. The Club have reduced the number of printed rounds by one next year which reduces the costs slightly – although more would be nice.

Another reason for having a go at 2015 is the titles, they are very good. Each round consists of four images – two set subject images and two open images. The titles for the set subjects are as follows:

  • February: Not New (Print)
  • March: Flags
  • April: After Dusk
  • May: Eyes
  • June: Man-made (Print)
  • September: Slow
  • October: Seasons (Print)
  • November: Signs and Symbols

A good challenge then for next year. It’ll be nice to have more people entering and challenging compared to this year, which I hope will happen so we can see more images and improve as a Club. With a few new members and some old faces hopefully returning it should be a good year!

If you are interested in joining the Club or coming along to look drop me a message, you can also visit the Buckingham Camera Club website for more information.

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  1. Macgeth says:


    Very well done and very well deserved.

    Your images are stunning and keep getting better and better.

    I hope you find some fantastic opportunities next year.

    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas.


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