Server Change: Back Online

Phew, that was a fraught couple of days. Some of you may – or may not – have noticed the website has been somewhat intermittent over the last few days. This is because I’ve taken the plunge and changed server providers, leaving my long-term supplier for new pastures. I’ve wanted to do this for a year or so but have been put off by the risks and difficulties a transfer might entail from one server to another. This year I’ve done it and having moved all the simple websites/emails from the old server to new it was time for the big one. This one. Eat Shoot Fly.

This website is somewhat of a mongrel to be fair to it. The photographic side is all on SmugMug (get up to 20% off your own SmugMug account using this handy link!) , and they manage the storage and indeed sale of my pictures. This blog is hosted on my own server space and uses WordPress. My server also deals with the email. All simple stuff once set up…

I used to be pretty good at all aspects of the interweb, but it goes to show that if you don’t use knowledge it disappears from the grey matter. Quite quickly in my case, or that could just be down to advancing years. Much re-learning of such voodoo as FTP and DNS settings, and a whole host of other acronyms and at a glance all appeared normal again. But alas no! To top it all one little file which normally sits invisible in the background on the server didn’t transfer so while I thought everything was fine many of the links on the blog were broken. Being invisible it was the last thing I thought of checking after a frustrating few hours hitting Google and who knows where else for information. As with all the simple things they take some finding but I think I’ve gotten it all straight now and the whole site and server seems to be working normally.

For those who wanted to view the website, thank you for your patience. Normal service is now resumed (I hope!!!).

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