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The internet is a social place these days, sometimes almost too much so. Facebook. Twitter. Google Plus (if anyone actually goes there). Tumblr. Reddit. Flickr. So many different social networks. So many ways to keep in touch, to get involved, to comment and like or even dislike an image. This website is just the same, although perhaps slightly more subtly than some of the big sites.

My aim is to get this site to be more social, to provoke thought and debate and comment on my pictures and musings. Facebook is pretty good for that – I get lots of comments on there which are all great. To see more comments on here would be even better.

You can comment on the blog or on individual images through this website, and the site provides links to share images or blogs that you like as well through traditional social media. On the blog it’s easy – the comment and share links are at the bottom of each post. On the main photo pages it’s a little more subtle though, because I’ve always wanted the pictures to fill the screen without too many distractions. As a result of this you have to dig a little bit deeper to find the links, and it really is simple…just look to the bottom of the image and the toolbar.

Social Media options on the Photo page

The toolbar has a variety of options. On many of my pictures will be a summary of the image, which is hidden until you click the up arrow by the title on the left. On the right are the social buttons. You can share to Facebook, G+ or Twitter. You can email the image or get a link to it to embed in your own blog or Facebook or Tumblr. Next is the Comments button, which will allow you to post a comment on the image – the dialog box pops up (shown above on the left). Liking images is a very Facebook thing, but works just as well here – just give it a thumbs up with the button.

Further information on the image is available with the Info button, and you can also view the various image sizes that are stored on the website if you want to see something bigger. Finally there is the Add to Cart button, which allows you to purchase the image. No obligation to do so, but I’d be very pleased if you did!

So, the website is as interactive as you want it to be. I hope you enjoy looking through it and want to be part of it, it’ll be a better place with more involvement from you all. Thanks for being part of it!


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