Unsorted – NONE!

Well, that took a while but finally have my “Unsorted” folder back empty, and as a result about 60GB of space back on my hard drive!

I use Aperture on the Mac for all my photo editing, Photoshop is available but is used only if I need to do something exotic. I have a workflow that I use which involves putting all of my raw images into an Unsorted folder and then looking through and flagging those I deem worthy of editing. Once edited I move them into their own folder and then tag, caption, title, geotag and face tag them all so I can search my library quickly. Only then do I publish the images here or onto sites such as Flickr.

If I want to get an image online quickly I still do the same but just for the individual image. Then others will join it in the folder once edited.

When I believe I’ve finished with a project I then go back through the Unsorted folder again to see if there is anything I’ve missed or that is good enough to keep for whatever reason. Then the big moment – deleting the junk.

By the time I come to empty the folder I have a Time Machine backup and a Crashplan backup on the Internet, so it isn’t a big deal – but selecting images and hitting the delete key is a scary moment. Over 500 were deleted from Abbey House Gardens alone, and I know some people would say to keep all – but space will quickly become an issue.

So now I’m left with just the images I’ve edited and like. They are all tagged and neat, and published online. And my hard disk can breathe once more…

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