A new SmugMug?!

It’s only been a few weeks since the new Eat Shoot Fly website went life in all its black-backgrounded, full screen-slideshowed glory. Very pleased with it I was – and indeed still am. However, an email hit my inbox last week which sent a shiver down my spine: a new SmugMug is coming.

A NEW SmugMug? Set to launch yesterday the email promised a new look and interface and all sorts. Noooo…

We’ve been through this recently with Flickr, and it’s safe to say that went down like a lead glider with many people even though I quite liked it. I’ve always liked SmugMug although the gallery pages are looking a little dated to be honest -and these are pages that couldn’t easily be customised – so a change is probably good. But so soon after I’d made all the changes to my site? Who knows what will happen when I migrate?

The green button is sitting on top of my admin pages calling to me. They say there is a “Sandbox mode” where I can play with the new SmugMug layouts before revealing it to you, but it is still a big cliff to jump off – because once that button has been pressed I can’t go back…

Of course I’m going to have to hit that button. There is something new and shiny behind it, and I can’t ignore it. So I’ll have to press it and see what happens.

Wish me luck!

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