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As many of you will know I’m an iPhone user and have been for many years. One of the key phrases of iPhone users has always been the advertising slogan “there’s an app for that” and it’s true – there is. From football scores to train timetables there are over 1 million apps now in the iTunes Store. Android and Windows users have their own app stores, LE Calculator screenshotI’m sure there are many apps on there but can’t really comment.

There are many photography apps available on the store, some more useful than others. The iOS camera app is a bit meh, although improving, so other camera control apps are out there which allow better control and editing functions. Many people use Snapseed for editing, recently purchased by Google, but there are other little utility gems out there – and I’ve found a pretty hand one too. Best of all, it’s free.

I visited the coastline around Weston-Super-Mare last week with the intention of trying out some long exposure photography. Armed with 10-stop and 6-stop Hoya filters off I went. Calculating the exposure time can be a nightmare if you are as numerically dyslexic as I am, so finding the LE Calculator was a bonus to say the least.

The app couldn’t be easier to use – select the filter strength, and the metered time the camera gave you before you bolted the filters on and the result is shown big and bold. It’ll even act as a timer for you if the camera doesn’t have a counter on it (the one thing Canon does that Nikon doesn’t). One small complaint is that the timer doesn’t actually refer to what the time was – I managed to get an exposure of 2hrs using both filters, and mistakenly assumed it meant 2mins!!!

So in summary LE Calculator is a decent looking app which is free, simple to use and pleasingly accurate – I found that after one shot I’d gotten the exposure about spot on and didn’t need to re-take the image because of exposure, merely for my incompetence. The only other thing to ensure you know is what strength the filter is – in my case I have an ND64 (6 stop) and an ND1000 (10 stop). As in many things in photography there are many numbers to describe things and they don’t necessarily make sense…!

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  1. Macgeth says:

    Looks like a great App. I could have done with this on Wednesday at Docklands

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