Back in London

My trips to London continue, although probably won’t happen again between now and the end of May due to other commitments. Each time I visit London I devise a cunning plan, a list of targets and a theme I wanted to work on. This trip I wanted to do some long exposure work and have a play with my new 10-stop ND filter, so the plan was to start at Blackfriars Bridge before heading to the Millennium Bridge for long exposure, before a river boat ride to Docklands to meet Geoff. After a bit of time in Docklands the general idea was to head back to Parliament for sunset and finally get some night shots of Battersea Power Station. So a lot of moving around.

Now, plans are all well and good when they work and everything is lined up nicely. The timings and everything worked perfectly and I even hit the right train home, which was unexpected. The problem is when the weather or other circumstances don’t co-opearate, then the plan needs to be flexible. The weather was fantastically warm with a breeze which I was hoping for to get movement in the clouds on my long exposure shots – all good so far. Problem was there wasn’t so much cloud as a milky white sky. Meh. My mistake was to persevere with the idea of long exposures rather than diving off into street photography or something that wouldn’t matter so much if the weather wasn’t giving the effects I wanted.

Anyway, it still worked out to be an OK day and while I didn’t get as many shots as I thought I might I still got a few, and have had some ideas for places to return to and try something different – plus an interesting day out with Stuart and meeting Geoff, it wasn’t a wasted day at all.

Busy Busy

Commuters rushing around in Reuters Plaza beneath Canary Wharf. Click the image to view the whole gallery.

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  1. Macgeth says:

    Good to meet you Adrian and thank you for all the help and advice.

    This is a great image of Canary Wharf, the clocks all line up and you found a great point of view.

    See you agin soon

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